Starting off with Hugo Boss

Creatively gifted, Simone Eisold was discovered early by Hugo Boss. The company, located near her home town, quickly discovered that the talented young student would work around school hours. It was an auspicious beginning, and she quickly learned the basic elements of a fashion house.

As a part-time assistant to the Designer Baldessarini from 1985 to 1990, Simone provided all model drawings for their worldwide collection sales books, while working closely with the pattern makers in order to learn all details of garment construction.

After graduating from collage in 1990, Simone was sent to New York as a Designer and liaison for the Hugo Boss Creative Team in Germany, working on knitwear and woven shirts, fabric sourcing, denim, embroideries and logos. Simone was sent to trips to Hong Kong were she gained insight into production and manufacturing.

Then her career continued at Ermengildo Zegna...

» Canali and Ermenegildo Zegna


  • Neiman Markus
  • Saks Fifth Ave
  • Nordstrom
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Barneys
  • Mitchells, Westport, CT
  • Richards, Greenwich, CT
  • Marshs, Long Island, NY
  • Wilkes Bashford, San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA
  • Andrisen Morton, Denver, CO
  • Gary’s, Newport Beach, CA
  • Hubert White, Minneapolis, MN
  • Kilgore Trout, Cleveland, OH
  • Larrimor’s, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Malouf’s Lubbock, TX
  • Mario’s, Portland, OR & Seattle, WA
  • Oakhall, Memphis, TN
  • Rodes, Louisville, KY
  • Rubensteins, New Orleans, LA
  • Beecroft& Bull, Virginia Beach, Richmond, VA
  • Boyd’s Philadelphia, PA
  • Butch Blum, Seattle, WA
  • Clotherie, Phoenix, AZ
  • D. Grant, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Family Britches, Chappaqua, NY
  • Garmany, Red Bank, NJ
  • Godfrey’s, Worthington, OH
  • Gorsuch, Vail, Aspen, CO
  • Halls, Kansas City, MO
  • Harry Rosen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Hubert White, Minneapolis, MN
  • John Craig, Winter Park, FL
  • Julius Clothing, Sacramento, CA
  • Levy’s Nashville, TN
  • Maxwell & Co. , Falmouth, MA
  • M. Penner, Houston, TX
  • Mr. Sid, Newton Center, MA
  • Pockets Menswear, Dallas, TX
  • Shaia’s, Birmingham, AL
  • Tyrone, Roslyn, NY